Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Net Worth Update - March 2014

As I had previously mentioned, neglecting to include that pesky thing called accrued interest on my federal student loans means I miscalculated my net worth last month.

Here's another go at this.  My net worth is currently:


This consists of:
  • Cash: $10,253.18
  • Investments: $29,706.67
  • Apartment Deposit: $2,625.00
  • Credit Cards: $2,468.52
  • Student Loans: $173,432.62
While my net worth may seem like it's decreased since last month if you solely look at the numbers, I'm proud of the progress I've made so far.  I've paid off ***$15,605.71*** (!) of my private student loans, while continuing to invest in my 401(k) and saving cash to replenish my emergency fund.  I took a hit on my credit cards because I accidentally killed my laptop by spilling some green tea on it and replaced it with a new one.  (TIP: keep liquids AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE from your laptop!)

Here's hoping that I can display a higher net worth next month!!

Happy Spring Equinox, my lovely readers!

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