Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm on a Roll!

I have an exciting update!  I paid off my highest interest private student loan, which incidentally also had the highest balance.  Private Loan 1 is now paid off, with a payoff amount of $11,344.15.  I paid for this out of money in my savings account that was just sitting there earning way less than the 5% interest I was paying on this loan.

We now have 3 loans paid off completely.  The total amount paid off thus far is $15,605.71.  It's scary to watch my savings account shrink, but I have reduced my recurring monthly expenses by $261/ month just by paying off these three loans.  I'm going to save that extra money to pay off my other private student loans.

I will be doing an update post on the total amounts owed on my loans and my net worth next week.  Check back soon for updates, my lovely readers!!

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