Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Actually Worse Than I Thought

I calculated my net worth wrong.  Ugh.  And it turns out I owe more on my federal loans than I originally thought!

I apparently neglected to include that tiny little detail called **accrued interest**.  So, instead of the $107,875.14 I originally thought I owed on the federal loans, I actually owe $123,325.13.  That's a $15,449.99 difference.  So that means my original total outstanding debt when I started this blog was approximately $190k, not $175k.  Le sigh.

So my March net worth update may turn out worse than February, just cause I've been calculating it incorrectly up until now, and my accrued interest wasn't showing up in my account until now.  Ah well.  I am working on getting better at this.  This blog is one attempt at improving how I manage my finances (including knowing what exactly I owe ;), so I will share my successes, failures, and mistakes along the way as well so that you, my lovely readers, can benefit from my mistakes!  See, there's a bright side to everything.  :)

Stay tuned!!  I'll be publishing a net worth update next week.

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