Monday, April 7, 2014

April (Negative) Net Worth Update: -$133,502.35

Here's my net worth update for April 2014:

AssetsAprilMarchDifference% Change
Cash $18,677.30$6,974.60$11,702.70167.79%
Total Assets$43,791.98$37,082.08$6,709.9018.09%
Student Loans$174,219.82$173,658.17$561.650.32%
Credit Cards$3,074.51$1,544.94$1,529.5799.01%
Total Liabilities$177,294.33$175,203.11$2,091.221.19%
Total Net Worth-$133,502.35-$138,121.03$4,618.683.34%

While I have more cash on hand, that cash will be used to pay off my credit cards and to go towards debt payment this month.  I cashed out one of my investments so I could repay another one of my loans this month.  It was a risky investment and I didn't feel comfortable with the prospect of potentially losing my capital, so I cashed out and walked away.

The accrued interest on my student loans has resulted in an increase in my student loan debt, despite diligently making payments and already having paid down three of my private loans (about $15k total).  Le Sigh!  C'est la vie.  It just serves as a reminder why I need to pay that debt down ASAP!

I went out to a nice restaurant for dinner with my man last night, but we decided that will be the last time for the month!  For the rest of this month I'm going to try to limit discretionary spending and save as much cash as possible.  With my freelance income starting to flow in nicely, I want to get my net worth up to about -$115,000 within the next few months.  Some may laugh at that number, since I'll still be in the red, but to me steady progress is better than nothing!  

Wish me luck!  

How did you do in March?  

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